Motorcyclists take their grievances to President

By Rathindra Kuruwita

Certain senior police officers were harassing people deliberately to tarnish the image of the current administration, Chairman of the Ceylon Motorcyclists Association (CMA), Chirantha Amarasinghe said yesterday.

"During the last three years police have been following a policy of deliberately targeting the poorest segments in the society. Our organization receives dozens of complaints daily that the police are damaging their vehicles and are framing them for things that they don’t do. Often the policemen destroy helmet cameras," he said.

Amarasinghe said the CMA had written to the President yesterday informing him of this situation and seeking his intervention.

"Most of the motorbikes have really bad headlights. I agree that some horns may be emitting noise above the permitted level and the police can remove them. But there are no laws that deal with silencers. We received over a thousand complaints from motorcyclists in April that Police had removed their modified silencers. How can they do so if there are no regulations. Regulations must be introduced first."

The CMA chairman also warned that his association would file and FR case if the President failed to intervene.

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