AIA declares ‘strong’ 9.63% dividend for its customers

AIA Sri Lanka has declared another year of consistent policyholder dividend rate, with the declared dividend of 9.63%. This is yet another year of AIA delivering impressive dividend figures to their customers, much higher than the minimum guaranteed dividend rate. This consistency is testament to the strength and outstanding investment strategy of AIA’s life fund, which now stands at LKR 40 Billion (Market value and rounded up as at 31 December 2017, and prior to any surplus transfers out).

AIA’s annual dividend amount declared every year has always been well above the minimum guaranteed rates declared for the respective year. In 2013 the dividend was 9.62% and it rose to 9.88% in 2014. Having declared a dividend of 9.55% in 2015, it stayed within range at 9.46% in 2016.

AIA’s Chief Financial Officer Gavin D' Rosairo said "AIA’s prudent investment strategy is designed to ensure safety and stability of our policyholder’s investments, whilst optimising returns over the long-term horizon. We maintain most of our investments in government bonds and high credit quality debentures and such instruments, to create a diversified and quality asset mix that is consistent with our investment philosophy and governance requirements."

CEO Pankaj Banerjee added, "We are pleased to announce yet another year of consistent policyholder dividend rate declaration. Our continued endeavour has been to manage our assets prudently with the objective of helping our customers in building their long-term savings in a sustained manner. The consistent performance of our underlying fund is also a testimony to our research- backed and long-term objectives driven fund management philosophy. We are very pleased to be able to deliver such consistent
performance to meet the long-term financial security need of our customers, also a clear indication of why more and more Sri Lankans are switching to AIA as their preferred life insurance partner."

AIA Sri Lanka has been winning awards over the years, especially for its commitment to uplifting the community. The awards it has won highlights the value of its nationally relevant initiatives

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