Condom Conondrum

by Emanthi Marambe

A stock of condoms valued at more than Rs. 10 million sent to the Family Planning Association (FPA) in excess due to an oversight in late 2017 was found concealed inside a building within the FPA training center complex at Nainamadama, health officials said.

The consignment of 888,000 condoms in 2,220 boxes had not been returned to the Ministry when the lapse was detected by the recipient, but transported to the training facility to be dumped in two rooms under incompatible storage conditions, they asserted.

"The whole stock has been ruined as a result", they said, while pointing out that condoms should be stored within an airconditioned facility to sustain their quality and shelf life.

The excess consignment had been sent to the FPA six months ago due to a mix-up by officials, but instead of reporting the oversight to the Health Ministry, a panjandrum had channelled the lot to the training facility, health officials said.

Questions are being raised whether there was an attempt to push the stock into the open market to make a fast buck.

When asked for comment, Director-General of Health Services, Dr. Anil Jasinghe said he has still not been briefed on the situation.

"I will look into what happened when more information is available", he assured.

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