Diatribes and greenback chasing

Cassandra Cry: A woman’s jaundiced view of the past week


Allegations being investigated are that US’ arch rival gave direct assistance to ensure the woman contender’s downfall resulting in Trump becoming the most powerful on earth.

The talk of the week just ended (May 30 to June 5) was President Maithripala Sirisena’s lashing out - mostly at the UNP and more particularly its leader. I was stunned when I heard the tirade, harangue, verbal onslaught, fulmination, whatever. There he was in pristine white, behind an arrangement of white flowers at the commemoration of one of Sri Lanka’s most eminent Buddhist monks, who stepped out of his viharage seclusion to save the nation from tyranny and autocratic rule. Most Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera’s chosen Common Candidate was, three years after his demise, exhibiting or rather excavating cavernous rift lines between the two principal coalition parties. This dame thought they had made up after the Prez backed the no confidence motion against his PM. They came together, held hands and said they would combine to develop the country after the political fracas of the NCM. And here was the Chief castigating his Second in Command. The most stunned in the audience was gentlemanly Karu Jayasuriya.

And what pray was the reaction of the one castigated, maligned, reproved, found fault with – justifiably or unjustifiably? Admirable! Ranil W who got the tongue lashing told his herd to hold their horses. Mixed metaphor but what this woman means is the elephants were asked to keep their trunks furled or hanging loose – no comments please was the order, no jumping into the fray. And like they all came together to vote to save the head Jumbo, they held their peace. People are talking though. What IS the matter – with the person, politics, the coalition, the country? The Prez was not known to be a loose cannon, though he would flip over ere an eyelid was batted.

Million rupee chase

The adroit political pole vaulter started it all. It was disclosed, (this dame cannot remember how) that MP Dayasiri Jayasekera, late Sports Minister and ex-competition singer, had received a million smackers from the Perpetual Group, the recent bane of the country. He, DJ, pointed all ten fingers and toes too at others who received money gifts in millions. The Field Marshall was quick to admit he received campaign money and used it all for his electoral campaign, a done thing all over the world. We have read of the billions Trump poured into previous Prez elections in the US of America and how he poured more into his own campaign and had rich Republicans and others do likewise. Allegations being investigated are that that country’s arch rival gave direct assistance to ensure the woman contender’s downfall resulting in The Trump becoming the most powerful on earth.

So we have seen a repetition of a silly game we used to play as kids, testing it seems to be, our ability for rapid verbal fire. It started with "The king says you did it" and pointing to one child in the group who repartees instantly "Me Sir? No Sir. Not I sir! You Sir" and points to another who parrots the same chant. So now we have Ministers of State declaring: "Me received millions from Aloysious? No Sir, not I Sir, he did Sir" and so the game will be played out until that Kirthi Tennakoon of CAfe manages to extricate a restricted report from the National Archives vault where it has been secreted.

Our reaction, the ordinary persons is: Never less than a million now. What on earth do they do with all that money? And it’s not sour grapes since these are times of desperation when you and I are being throttled by the COL and balancing on the poverty line with the rapid depreciation of the SL rupee.


Trump and his slit eyed counterpart across the Pacific are also flippers – they say they will meet one day and call the summit off the next. Latest is that Trump wants the meeting and a North Korean high-up is due to meet him at the White House. The Great Leader for Life is so temperamental that one never knows whether the emissary will be allowed safe landing in home territory.

Mahathir is wielding the cleansing sword with all the strength of a 92 year old. We had a sword being brought out, or threatened to be unsheathed, discarding the madu walige but no further news. It must be stuck in the garden where the deposed statue of Queen Victoria was installed! Good for Malaysia, its stables of power will be cleansed.

The head of the Head of State in Spain rolled recently due to the world wide malady – corruption. At least in other countries the sickness is treated drastically so others fear infection. We in this Paradise and Land Like No Other, saw one successful sting operation in a hotel car park. We ordinary folk hope it sent warning shivers down top bureaucrats’ spines.

You look to right, you look to left and what do you see? Not the green green hills of the highlands, nor the verdant pastures of the low nor the blue-green sea. You see and hear about corruption, bribe taking, money grabbing. One wit said it was the daughters who are the cleverest now. You work that out! Sons, this dame supposes, are busy having a good time.

Hurrah and kudos!

Johann Peries summitted Mt Everest and planted his boot shod feet firmly on the highest point on the face of the earth. We heartily congratulate him. He was unsuccessful to do that last bit of the climb when he accompanied Jayanthy Kuru-Utumpala two years ago on their hike up. She managed to reach the summit, as she said, mostly because of her guide who was often angry with her, egging her on when spirits and muscles failed. Later she realized he had been indulging in pretend-anger to get her moving. And she did reach the top, the first Sri Lankan to do so and for us a further jubilation, a woman up there first of all. On that climb Johann was caught up in a queue on the last lap and also had trouble with his oxygen equipment. This year he won! So we jubilate with him and honour him and realize if one is determined to do something, one wins in the end. We hope the country will recognize his feat and feté him.

On that high note, this woman says bye for now. She’ll keep her ears and eyes open and report a week later.

Cassandra (of epic tradition and prophecy)

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