Inclement weather to continue next few days

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

The prevailing windy and showery conditions will continue across the country and in the adjoining sea areas in the next few days due to the active south-west monsoon, according to the Meteorology Department.

A Duty Meteorologist of the department predicted that heavy rains, above 100 mm, could be expected at some places in the Sabaragamuwa, Western and Central provinces and in the Galle and Matara districts over the weekend.

In addition, strong gusty winds up to 60 kmph were predicted for Western, Southern, Central, Northern, North-central and North-western provinces and Monaragala district.

The Met Dept said that showers or thundershowers would occur at times in Western, Sabaragamuwa, Southern, Central and North-Western provinces.

The water level of the Kalu Ganga rising had put the Millakanda areas in danger following heavy showers experienced in the catchment areas, the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) said.

Quoting the Irrigation Department, DMC Deputy Director Pradeep Kodippili warned the public living downstream of the Kalu Ganga to keep an eye on the rising water levels and move to safer locations if the need arose.

Two sluice gates of the Laxapana Dam were opened due to the build-up of water in the dam, while the Wimalasurendra Reservoir was also reported to have reached spill level. Kotmale and Castlereigh Reservoirs had reached their spill levels this morning due to the heavy showers being recovered in the catchment areas.

However, according to the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), the hydro power generation was only 19.4 percent as at yesterday evening.

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