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Female robbers


The day after we entered Italy on 18th May, we travelled by train to see the famous coliseum. The train was too crowded just like in Sri Lanka. We squeezed into it and soon found a hand going into my trouser pocket. I took my arm down, grasped the squeezing hand and looked at the culprit. It was a young woman! When our eyes met she took her hand out and moved away from me. Close behind me was my cousin, and when he came close, I told him what happened. He promptly inserted his hand into his pocket and yelled "my purse is missing! I had 2,000 dollars, debit and credit cards, US ID, DL. Oh there she is, she is the one who was near me and now she is getting out. Let’s go and catch her?" But then the automatic door of the train closed and moved away while a girl was looking at the coach with a happy smile! They then had to go to the police station and make a complaint. But none of the police officers could understand English. My nephew, who was only 17 years old, used his mobile phone and the Internet and translated the complaint into Italian. It is notorious that many women in Italy pick-pocket men.

Then how about women in Sri Lanka? One day my wife went to the BOC, Kandy to withdraw cash. When withdrawing the money, next to her were two young girls. She put the money into her bag and walked to a shop to purchase few food stuffs. She noticed the two girls who were at the bank now in the queue right behind her. When the order was handed over she searched for the money in her handbag, and it was missing! The two girls waiting in the queue right behind her were missing too! My wife lost Rs 10,000 and there was nothing we could do. So In Sri Lanka women rob women!



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