Trump-Kim agreement


Trump and Kim inking an agreement

The Editor of The Island needs to be congratulated for commenting on his editorial on Agreements reached by President Trump and President Kim Jong Un though the specifics of the agreement are not yet known. The very fact that the two leaders have reached general agreement over prospects of de-nuclearisation of the Korean peninsula and in turn for US guarantee of security of North Korea and the body language of the two leaders at and around the Summit are good indications rather than the jaw-jaw followed by imminent threats to each other in a most destructive way. There is hope now for the world that peace could be built in the Korean peninsula.

What is behind thawing the hardened relations over seven decades may be the failure of North Korea's economy , its agriculture in particular, leading to famine in the country several times, which led to the intervention of South Korea to help relieve the situation on humanitarian grounds along with US.backing. Realisation by North Korean leaders that continuation of this unfavourable situation might lead to an unmanageable crisis in their land could be a major factor which led them to not just tone down on rhetoric but to propose a major negotiation.

In the present post-summit situation, China cannot be expected to watch silently. As a major stake-holder once in the Korean peninsula in the 1950s and one country still having an influence over North Korea, she has a key role to play in order to see that the present mood of amelioration between North Korea continues and built upon to ensure real peace.

Bandu de Silva

Former Ambassador

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