HC Levy wants SL to accommodate Canadian Tamil Diaspora

SL welcomes suggestion, calls for Canada et al to pressure LTTE rump

Canadian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Bruce Levy, during a meeting with Justice Minister Rauf Hakeem on Wednesday (16), emphasized the importance of giving the Canada-based Tamil Diaspora an opportunity to be a part of the re-building and reconciliation process. A spokesperson for the Canadian High Commission told The Island that Levy and Hakeem had discussed long-term political reconciliation and ongoing deliberations between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), which once endorsed the LTTE as the sole representative of the Tamil speaking people.

The spokesperson said that recent reports of intimidation of local media, too, had come up for discussion with HC Levy stressing the need for prompt and thorough investigations.

The HC statement said that Levy had also discussed the situation in flood affected areas and forthcoming local government polls.

Levy recently toured some of the worst flood affected areas.

Responding to HC Levy’s concerns, a senior government official told The Island that the Tamil Diaspora not only based in Canada but the world over was free to join the reconciliation process. The official said that the LTTE rump and the Diaspora were still trying to promote separatist sentiments in spite of destruction of the LTTE’s conventional military capability.

Sources said that the international community should pressure the Diaspora to be realistic and come to an understanding with the government.


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