Wayamba sets up tourist information and leisure centres

(By Ranaweera Manukulasouriya, Gokarella correspondent)

The Wayamba Development Authority has set up a tourist information centre and a leisure centre, at Badagamuwa on the Kurunegala-Dambulla Road, to promote tourism in the North Western Province.

The two centres are located 4 kilometres away from the Kurunegala town, bordering the Kurunegala-Dambulla highway, adjoining the Badagamuwa forest reserve.

The Tourist information centre provides all information on tourist attractions as well as the associated lodges and hotels in the province. Internet, E-mail, Fax and other communication facilities too are available at the centre. Travel guide services are also available on demand.

The Leisure centre comprises restaurants with all facilities, sale stalls of Wayamba products, banks with foreign currency exchange, and ATM facilities, stalls exhibiting traditional handicrafts and curios of various types of skilled workmanship.

The premises has a spacious front yard for vehicle parking. It has also been planned to set up an Ayurvedic treatment centre, an aquarium and a children’s park that will attract more local and foreign tourists.

A sum of Rs. 30 million has been allocated by the North Western Provincial Council for the project.

"North Western Province is full of natural and human resources. It is full of tourist attractions too. It is the only district where four ancient kingdoms had been established. The main shortcoming in the province is the non-availability of well-equipped tourist hotels" said Padmakantha Kanduragala, Project Manager of the Wayamba Development Authority.

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