Hemaka distances himself from petition against Thilanga


Hemaka Amarasuriya

One of the well respected former Presidents of Sri Lanka Cricket – Hemaka Amarasuriya claimed that his name had been used without his consent in a document that was circulated to the media as a petition to Sports Minister Faizer Mustapaha against the Executive Committee of Thilanga Sumathipala.

While most Past Presidents of SLC since 1999 had signed the petition, in front of Amarasuriya’s name, it was written that he was out of the country giving the impression that he endorsed the allegations that were made but wasn’t in a position to sign the document as he was overseas.

However, Amarasuriya told Sunday Island that for past one month he had not traveled out of the country.

"I am totally unaware of this document and it came out of the blues that I had given the consent to whatever that was in the document. I firmly believe that we need to amend the Sports Law and the Constitution of Sri Lanka Cricket and Interim Committees aren’t the answer for the problems facing cricket," Amarasuriya further said speaking to Sunday Island.

"We need to introduce a system where apart from elected office bearers we also have appointed ones. There should be a Trustee above the Executive Committee to oversee things."

"The Trustee should have the final say when the Executive Committee wants to incur expenses above a certain limit," Amarasuriya further said.

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