Dengue control week after polls

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

The Health Ministry will initiate its first National Dengue Control Week (NDCW) for this year soon after next month’s provincial council elections. The spokesman for the Health Ministry said that the NDCW is scheduled to be held from March 23 to 30.

He warned of yet another dengue outbreak following the torrential rains experienced at the beginning of the year. 1,400 dengue patients have been recorded from January 1 to date. Fifteen dengue deaths have been recorded during the same period.

He said that awareness programmes would be conducted since the public has slackened its vigilance against dengue. He added that NDCW would be carried out with assistance from the Presidential Dengue Task Force.

Chief Medical Officer of the Colombo Municipal Council, Dr. Pradeep Kariyawasam said that at present the city had fifty percent of the total number of dengue patients it had during the corresponding period last year. Last year the number of dengue patients reported in January and February was 420 while this year the number recorded to date has come down to 245.

Dr. Kariyawasam said that 79 patients were under the age of five. Majority affected were school children. He also said that 108 patients were from Colombo.

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