Farmers, fishermen advised to wear broad brimmed hats

Sun’s ultra violet rays affect eyes

By Dilanthi Jayamanne

With the harvesting time in progress the eye care specialists have advised farmers to wear broad-brimmed hats to prevent the sun’s rays from harming their eyes. Spokesman for the Health Ministry said on Thursday (17) that one reason for the increase in glaucoma and cataract victims is the exposure of eyes to the sun’s ultra violet rays.

He said that many adults in the dry zone and the coastal belt suffer from these illnesses. Old age, malnutrition, diabetes are main causes for glaucoma and cataract. Not only the farming community but also the fishing community along the coastal belt of Sri Lanka are susceptible to the effects of the sun’s rays, he said.

The ruinous effects that ultra violet rays have on sight could be prevented to a certain extent by donning a broad brimmed hat when fishing or farming. "After all, we can’t ask farmers and fishermen to wear sunglasses," he quipped.

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