Speaker says collective discipline is a distant memory in his life


by Sanath Nanayakkare

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said in Colombo on Monday that his shift from the corporate world to politics was a shift from collective discipline and responsibility to one of fragmentation and cross currents.

The Speaker said so while speaking as chief guest at a corporate event where Uswatte Confectionery Works forayed into the biscuits market with the launch of 'Uswatte Golden Biscuits'.

"I was pleased to see the teamwork and enthusiasm among Uswatte Confectionery's staff in taking their company to the next level of growth and expansion with new, premium products. Your company is driven by people focused on what truly matters to them as employees. Before I came to politics, I was part of such inspiring collective aspirations in the corporate world. But I can't say the same about politics. Suffice it to say that if you watch TV, you" ll see the state of parliament proceedings and politics of the country today," the Speaker said.

"Uswatte biscuits shouldn't only target the 21 million population in Sri Lanka. You should take your biscuit brand to the overseas market just like you market your confectioneries in the UK, Australia, Canada, India, Italy, France, Japan, Seychelles and the Maldives. The free trade agreements (FTAs) already signed and to be signed between Sri Lanka and several major markets in the world will facilitate you to do that. Increased exports is the answer for many of Sri Lanka's economic ills including the rupee exchange rate, currency reserve levels and the balance of payment. The government doesn't want to do business. We believe in the private sector as a lot swifter wealth-creator and the government as the enabler of doing business by building necessary infrastructure and regulatory mechanisms for businesses to flourish" he said.

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