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Yatila Wijemanne, chairman and co-founder, and Manjarie Tissera Wijemanne, deputy chairman and co-founder of CBH Lands (Pvt) Ltd.

Land as an asset has been valued for centuries. Property ownership is seen as a social status marker as well as a secure investment at times of need. Real Estate is increasingly becoming the most attractive investment option, as the land value continues to rise not only in the urban areas but also expanding to the rural areas. However, the predicaments of investing in land is the strenuous process of finding the most suitable land for one’s need, the legal and documentation process as well as the credibility of the company and the assurance of value for money.

This hardship is completely addressed by CBH Lands through their in-depth knowledge of real estate, commitment to offer the best in the market and highly skilled teams who efficiently handle every step of the process. Mainly based in Kurunegala and Homagama, CBH Lands are also available in other suburbs. The main plots in Kurunegala are diverse in landscape which also include paddy field - facing plots and river - facing plots. The lands are selected at rapidly growing real estate hot spots that will ensure an increment of land value over the years. For instance, Kurunegala will be a focal location in the Central Expressway which is due to be completed by 2019, reducing travel time to Kurunegala to a mere 1 hour from Colombo, thus ensuring a high return on investment to buyers.

CBH Lands is probably the only real estate investment house in the country, which is not only involved in the sale of land, but also in real estate investment consulting. The company conducts the total process of purchasing, developing, plotting and selling real estate sites which are handpicked by the experts. Each land undergoes a process of thorough legal scrutiny and documentation clearance. The company also takes care of infrastructure which includes constructing the roads, tarring, constructing the drainage and sewerage systems, and obtaining electricity and water.

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