Cleaning of Mayoral residence to cost Rs.8.5 million a year


by Ranil Dharmasena

Colombo Municipal has decided to hand over the contract for cleaning the official residence of the Mayor to cleaning services company for a two-year-period at the cost of Rs.8.5 mn.

Sources said the CMC had called for tenders.

Approval for the contract was granted by the monetary committee of the municipality.

The municipal workers expressed dismay over the decision claiming that there was an excess of labourers and junior level employees.

The Colombo Municipal Council has fixed deposits amounting to Rs. 2,000 million with a Rs.750 million overdraft limit.

The earlier contract for cleaning the Mayor’s residence was given to a company at Rs. 250,000 per month with six employees and the company which has entered into a new contract will employ nine workers.

The contract is scheduled to be signed in the near future.

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