Luxury Chair Democracy of the Crooked


While there is much talk of the next provincial council polls being held next January, talk is also spreading against any such polls.

"Do you know what the next Western PC will do?" asked Chanda Vasangatha. "They will want million rupee chairs for their elected and elevated buttocks. That is the democratic process. Do better that those who went before, is the motto."

"That is the trend today. Those elected by the people see the opportunity to get everything they want, paid for by the people. That is the new meaning of people’s representation", said Chanda Gupta, studying new trends in electoral politics.

"Can’t we get political parties to have manifestos against such wasteful expenditure?" asked Chanda Karanama.

"Come on. Politicians, those with ever changing policies, and a commitment to profit from the people’s vote; not to serve the people, prepare the manifestos. Election manifestos are meant to be ignored or forgotten, just like promises given to the people to get their votes," said Chanda Vasangatha.

"Do you think these politicians believe they can keep fooling the people?" asked Chanda Prapaatha.

"That is the very stuff of politics today," said Chanda Gupta. "Fooling the people is the new trend of democracy. That is the common factor of both government and opposition. Didn’t you see the vote in parliament last week, when both threw out the Delimitation Commission Report?"

"But didn’t they say the PC polls will be held next January, and there is a committee headed by the Prime Minister to get it done," asked Chanda Karanama.

"This is the biggest mockery of the people. A government and an opposition that threw out that report, including the minister who presented it, now expects a prime minister led committee to get down to the polls. This is a political farce," said Chanda Vasangatha. "The problem is with chair wielders of the provincial councils, allowance raisers in the municipal councils, and privileged diners in parliament. They do not want elections that will benefit the people. Their goal is not the betterment of the people, but their own betterment. We are caught in a democratic trap – Vote for those who will always profit from the people, and never serve them" said Chanda Gupta.

"How can we escape from this democratic trap?" asked Chanda Prapaatha.

"One cannot see any easy escape, caught between crooked family politics of the past and crooked governance and politics of the present. It is all the stuff of the crooked. There are families that have benefited from today’s governance, just as in the past. Can anyone mention a party leader, or even a candidate for any election not tainted with corruption? There lies the catch," said Chanda Vishva.

"Do you mean the best thing is to do without elections?" asked Chanda Gupta. .3

"No. The problem is how we can revive true democracy. The people must understand that today’s democracy – whether today’s so-called good governance or the family power politics of the past are opposed to true democracy. They must search for new leaders, who are away from the crooked politics of today, and also away from the pro-fascist Hitler flag bearers from the past", said Chanda Vishva.

Chanda Vasangatha had an idea. "Why can’t we go back to whatever ‘Grama Rajya’ or Village Governance that we had, where the representatives sit on mats, and have tea or coffee with juggery?"

"Don’t be sure that there will be no demand for imported luxury mats, even Persian Carpets. There will be a call for special fruit juices. We are a democracy that pays for masseurs in parliament. That is the stuff of Diyawanna Democracy. A completely new concept of electoral government, inherited from JR Jayewardene. The Democracy of the Executive Presidency. Politicians have absorbed the crooked nature of this so-called Democracy, and mastered the skills of fooling people to believe in its so-called benefits", said Chanda Vishva.

"Looks like there is no escape from the Democracy of Crooked Politics," said Chanda Gupta. "Just read what the legal pundits say about extending the president’s two-term limit. They see it as the core of judicially correct democracy, and nothing to do with the Sovereignty of the People. We are caught in a trap of the learned and the ignorant, who are all engaged in politics and governance by the crooked".

"I think it is time to play some musical chairs," said Chanda Vasangatha who began the discussion. "Let us make sure we can also get costly, luxury chairs to ease our bottoms, too. The new trend of Third-World Luxury Democracy".


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