Pensioners deeply disturbed


Thank you for the space you gave to highlight the inconvenience pensioners living abroad have to undergo and the additional expense of around Rs. 2000 a month they have to bear, to have their dues sent from a Sri Lankan Bank. It is a fact that most of the pensioners are unable to travel, and with great effort can make it to the GP closest to their place of residence.

The Director General's circular lucidly said the new format would not apply to those already drawing their pensions from Sri Lankan missions. Clarification was sought from the Director General by a pensioner, but he has not replied to date, through the medium of the press or a circular through his website. The missions have indicated that no change had been notified and they are inundated with inquiries from pensioners.

It is said the account should be in the pensioner’s name only, in a Sri Lankan bank. Is it that when a pensioner dies all that was there in his or her account will go to the prosperous banks?

We earnestly request a clarification and trust the President, Prime Minister, and the Minister will ensure that those already drawing their meagre pensions through the missions, will continue on the same basis, with a Life Certificate from the doctor who looks after the pensioner annually. Judging by the high standards that doctors maintain here, no doctor will issue a bogus certificate to any person.


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