Fuel prices jacked up four times since May 10

Mangala’s mystery price formula

The cumulative fuel price increases per litre during the last four months are as follows: Petrol (92 octane) Rs 32, petrol (95 octane) Rs 33, auto diesel Rs 38 and super diesel Rs 23.

The fuel price hike came into effect from midnight September 10 according to the pricing formula, which remains a mystery. The price of 92 octane petrol has been increased from Rs 145 to Rs 149, 95 octane from Rs 157 to Rs 161, auto diesel from Rs 118 to 123 and Super Diesel from Rs 130 to 133.

Prior to the introduction of the pricing formula, price of a litre of 92 Octane petrol was Rs. 117, 95 petrol was Rs 128, auto diesel was Rs 85 and Super Diesel was Rs 110.

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