Revolutionized food delivery in Colombo with Uber Eats


Uber is known to Sri Lanka as a ride sharing app improving urban mobility through technology. Expanding their services, Uber launched Uber Eats, the on-demand food delivery app in Colombo recently. Present for the launch was Bhavik Rathod – Head of Uber Eats India and South Asia who shared his insights on the app, its presence in Colombo and its role in revolutionizing food delivery in the city.

Q: What is Uber Eats?

A: Uber Eats is an app similar to Uber Rides which provides an on demand food delivery service, through which users can order from any of the registered restaurants and get their food delivered to their very door step. The app uses the same technology and approach from Uber Rides – a simple and reliable way to meet everyday food ordering needs of the consumers.

Q: Why are you launching it in Colombo?

A: Colombo loves the Uber Rides app because of its ease of use and the reliable technology. We have brought in a lot of learnings into the Uber Eats business from our experience of being in Colombo over the last few years. We are confident that Uber Eats will soon become an integral part of Colombo’s vibrant food culture.

Q: When will the app be available for consumers to download?

A: We are gearing up to start delivering in key neighbourhoods of Colombo starting the week of September 17, 2018. To begin with, we will be launching in Kollupitiya, Wellawatte, Cinnamon Gardens and Borella neighbourhoods with over 150 restaurant partners such as Harpo’s, ISSO, Butter Boutique, Paan Paan, Cafe Nuga, Sushi Kai, Chocoholics and many more. Over the next few weeks and months, we will focus on expanding our footprint further with an aim to cover the whole city.

Q: Colombo already has a few food delivery services. What is unique about ordering through Uber Eats?

A: Our main focus is to provide our consumers a seamless delivery experience. The app has many unique features that makes the food ordering process simple and efficient. Tailor made restaurant recommendations based on one’s choices, scheduling orders within the app, customising drop-off location and live tracking of orders are some of the features that consumers love Uber Eats for.

We understand that consumers are looking for a quick and reliable service. Our focus therefore always remains on using the power of our technology to reduce the time taken to fulfil an order. We use a machine learning (ML) and smart algorithms to learn and predict the fastest way a restaurant partner and delivery partner can fulfil an order.

Q: Where else in the world is Uber Eats available?

A: Currently Uber Eats is present in 35 countries across 6 continents with a network of 100000+ restaurant.

Q: Do food delivery apps such as Uber Eats mean that people will spend less time at home with their family?

A: In the contrary, such apps actually help people spend more time with their family. Today most of us are racing against time. Stepping out on a crowded street to grab a meal causes inconvenience to many and may not be always possible. You spend much time on the road trying to get to the restaurant/food outlet, especially during dinner time and on weekends. This is where food delivery apps such as Uber Eats come in. While eating at a restaurant is an experience in itself, many today prefer food delivery to enjoy a meal with their families/friends while watching a movie, catching up or just as they causally converse. At Uber Eats, we aim to provide these consumers the best in class service so they can have a seamless experience and enjoy the food they love.

Q: What will be the average delivery time for Uber Eats in Colombo?

A: The average delivery time is 35 minutes. Ideally, 20 minutes to prepare the food and 15 minutes for the delivery

Q: What does a restaurant gain by registering with Uber Eats?

A: In a very simple term, this allows restaurants do what they do best – focus on preparing the best of food, and not be too concerned about the delivery of it.

In addition, Uber Eats provides new economic opportunities for every restaurant partner; a source for new customers as well as a means to stay in touch with existing ones. By partnering with Uber Eats, restaurants are able to tap into our highly engaged consumer base comprising millions of Uber riders. In some cases, restaurants have more than doubled their daily business by partnering with Uber Eats.

We are obsessed with data and insights, this helps us extend our services not only to deliver food but empower restaurants with actionable data about their business and dishes, as well as the tools to improve. Due to our technology and analytics, restaurants reap the benefits of an increased visibility beyond a limited distance, thus helping them to reach out to a wider consumer base. Our data and insights are aimed to reduce wastage/spoilage, help inventory etc. Also, restaurants don’t have a feedback loop about their food or service in general, so we are leveraging our tech to help solve this problem for our restaurant partners.

Q: On the part of restaurant owners, how does one register on Uber Eats?

A: We’re always looking to partner with restaurants who want to deliver great new dishes. They can start by filling out this

Q: What will be the size of the fleet of Uber Eats bikes when the service launches?

A: We will be kicking off with hundreds of delivery partners and over the course of the next few months, bring more and more delivery partners on-board

Q: What are the unique deliveries Uber Eats has made?

A: We have delivered ice cream to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and many unusual places such as gyms, beaches, promenades and parks. We hope to deliver in one of the iconic locations in Colombo as well.

Q: How do you order on Uber Eats?

A: Ordering on Uber Eats is a quick and easy process.

1. Download the Uber Eats app from App Store or Google Play

2. Pick delivery location - Input your address where you would like your meal delivered

3. Find the perfect meal - Browse local restaurants or search by cuisine type, and sort according to price, dietary needs, and speed, to find exactly what your taste buds are asking for

4. Place your order - Pick the items you want right away or schedule your order to arrive at your convenience

5. Pay for the order - Pay through Credit card, Debit card or opt for cash on delivery

6. Track the progress of your delivery - Get updates as your order is prepared and track real-time as the order gets delivered to your destination.


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