Cassandra Cry: A Woman’s In-house View of the Past Week


Yes, plenty to comment in-house, meaning all sorts of happenings in this paradise of ours within the last fortnight.

The plot

Cass seems to have misjudged an event of two weeks ago: the plot to kill the President and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. Her penultimate para in last Sunday’s comment was:

"Cass thinks (not prophesies) the chase after plotters will fizzle out there having been no plot." Both Cass’s thinking and dismissing doomsday as a non-event, seem to be misjudgments. A Sunday paper (October 7) had this page-one headline: "DIG Nalaka Silva faces arrest; recorded voice authentic, says Govt. Analyst". So there have been conniving voices recorded so that the self-appointed anti-corruptionist Namal Kumarage’s allegations have to be taken seriously. Judiciously, Cassandra leaves the plot politely aside and lets the police and courts attend to the matter, very serious if the plot was real. However, she still thinks otherwise. The combination of the would-be victims seems so disparate with no real connection between them that would warrant the planning and plotting to kill them, though some have hit upon a reason. So it’s:

"Double double, toil and trouble/ Fire burn and caldron bubble" and as Shakespeare further said: "Fair is foul and foul is fair." One never knows what is or what is not in this land of ours!

PS to this:

A daily on Wednesday says that an Indian who is implicated in this hot cauldron had te-te-tes with ravishing Sachi of double passports and forged date-of-birth (ill)fame. Is she the "fillet of a fenny snake " or "eye of newt and toe of frog" all thrown into the witches’ pot or is she a complete outsider – a social butterfly that had a meeting or two with the Indian? Is he moneyed? Sexy?

I won the war!

We heard this cry to sickening levels shouted by three persons on political stages echoed and re-echoed by followers during the presidential elections of 2010. There was then Prez Mahinda R shouting the monkey-praising-his-own tail slogan sharing the honour with his brother Gotabhaya. Then contesting would-be Prez General Sarath Fonseka was asking for votes as he won the war. At least as memory holds, he did mention soldiers, sailors and airmen who did the spade work in defeating Prabakaran and his Tigers. There were very sane, educated persons who believed the brothers were the sole saviours. More clear thinkers including Cass said the tri-forces won the war led in battle by the General and assisted with what they needed by Administration, led by Gotabhaya backed by the Head of State. Now we have a fourth contender to the crown of war-winner. HE the President detailed to Sri Lankan expats in New York that he was the only one, as acting Minister of Defense, who was in the country of those who had power during the final two weeks of Prabha and the civil war; the Prez, PM and Army Commander all out of the Island, through fear of LTTE bombing. In this statement, he sent Gotabhaya, who had been solidly in SL, overseas. Cass was stunned and stumped, not with adoration and jubilation but by sheer irreconcileability (coined word to show the extent of disbelief, incredulity and negative wonderment). However, a columnist in a Sunday paper pounced on one little point made: "In those last two weeks I was at different places in the country thinking the LTTE would know where I was located." This fourth sole winner of the war faced the enemy by hiding, giving not a thought to all who lived in Colombo. Ohmegosh! I saw clearly that rat leaving the sinking ship and in contrast a ship’s Captain who is last out, hence often drowned – honourably.

An unbelievable plotted alliance

Bold big newspaper headlines on Sunday 7 October: "Sirisena–Mahinda talks to form grand coalition." You know Reader, I Cass lost even the smidgen of respect I had for politicians. We in our long life have seen honourable persons in politics (most of long ago led by DS and Dudley, Dahanayake and others) and even now a handful (OK. Like Karu J, Dr Harsha, Eran W and Mangala S to a certain degree) not Devadatta, Judas Iscariot and Iago, the most villainous of wily, sneaky plotters in Shakespeare’s great tragedy Othello.

I make bold to say I respect not in the least the two mentioned in the headline who are supposed to have met in S B Dissanayake’s home in Rajagiriya – (is it as palatial a mansion as his home in Hewaheta that glibbers say is the only manmade object seen from outer space other than the Great Wall of China?) So now, he is magul kapuwafying an unholy alliance if ever there was one between a man who said the other would have killed him and buried his entire family with him six feet under, and the other who vilified him mercilessly for enjoying his egg hoppers and then betraying him and vamoosing to win the election. Aim of the two and their promoters? In one case to retain and in the other to regain power. Objective to achieve aim: defeat Ranil and oust the UNP. The worst is their impatience. They cannot wait till 2019/2020; they want the power of continuing presidency and becoming PM to share all with sons and brothers filling Cabinet posts come November and the Budget. More abominable than the Abominable Snowman; more cussed than Kuveni’s curse, more potent than arsenic, more explosive than a H-bomb. Betrayal beyond belief!

If that the heavens do not their visible spirits/Send quickly down to tame these vile offences,It will come,/Humanity must perforce prey on itself,/Like monsters of the deep.

As the Bard suggests, we may want retribution sent from heaven or wherever for unbridled power-hunger and self-centredness which includes progeny to form dynasties. Shakespeare has humanity do the needful. Not Sri Lankan Sinhalese, the majority of the majority; them being spineless sandal-lickers waiting for table droppings from the powerful.

But here’s the inevitable But. S B Dissanayake has denied the newspaper report that the two met in his house to discuss matters. Is he quibbling? Did they meet to sip tea together with no exchange of words? Or does he have two mansions in Rajagiriya or wherever? Your guess is as good as Cass’s. We await further details.

One of the two biggest in our country refused to be at a function with the other, or so a newspaper reported. Unbelievably childish, don’t you think? We know who!!

So in this state of suspense as to meetings to form new alliances and cauldrons boiling, Cass leaves you for yet another week.


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