Mr. Lawyer, what is happening?


I am writing this letter on behalf some of the medical consultants who have decided to return to this country, declining all offers of staying back in greener pastures. We did so, among other things, believing strongly that we should give back what was due to the poor patients who literally bared their bodies for us to learn our trade. Some of us, despite our age, are still capable of obtaining hassle free employment in those countries.

We have no political affiliations, but are more concerned about the future of our poor countrymen as well as our children, some of whom were trained abroad, but are following in our footsteps to return to the country. We are thoroughly confused with what is happening here, and certainly worried about the future of our children, as well as their own children. We still call this country our home, and are reluctant to leave since in all these developed countries we would be treated as second class citizens. However, some of us wonder whether it is better to live as a second class citizen in a first class country, than living as first class citizens in country which, politically speaking, is worse than a third world country! We are nevertheless living in a third grade country with no prospects at all for us, as well as our fellow countrymen.

Large scale horse trading to get the corrupt MPs to their sides is going on. There is no end to this nonsense, and watching this on television has become a comical teleplay. These people have angered our closest neighbours with whom we have shared their culture and religion. We also have brought in international players in who have their own agenda, since our geographical situation is a country is of great significance to them.

We see contrasting opinions expressed by leading lawyers, depending on which side they are. Some of your ilk are in Parliament and partly responsible for this sorry state of affairs. You have stooped so low as to further the interests of those MPs. In any profession, including yours, there is what is called honouring principles, which generally come with your education. We sometimes wonder whether your professional associations (which incidentally includes some doctors too with their own associations) are deviating from the principles of your profession for the sake of your own wellbeing. Please let us know the legal position of this concert, since we remain more and more confused as time goes on. We would certainly value your collective opinion rather than that of your uneducated colleagues in the Parliament.



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