The Diyawanna Circus


The circus has come to Diyawannawa. Tickets are selling fast for the 14th November. Don’t be afraid, there is a moat to protect you from the animals.

The highlight this season are the highly paid leap frogs and trapeze artists who perform risky maneuvers without a safety net.

The mahout claims that the elephant is "sang-sung", after being briefly fierce at being called a butterfly. What a bl…y insult to both. A butterfly has after all a different beauty and appeal. The small "ali-patiyas" are waiting endlessly and impatiently to do their own elephant dance.

The lion tamer is having a difficult time coping with an animal that has suddenly become unpredictable. Other big cats are watching and waiting while "kurumayang allan". The lions and these other big cats have great affection for each other, but have not yet produced a "Liger". They say that world leaders with one eye on the Nobel Peace Prize are promoting this great day of creation.

Please note that all communication to and from the circus has been cut.

So they are totally isolated and live blithely in a selfish, insensitive and calculating world of cutthroat power. Not a care in the world for those people outside – parents spending high fares to send their children to school; children in remote villages walking miles and miles to school on risky routes; mothers struggling to put at least one square meal on the table; cancer patients not able to find money for their cancer treatment, etc. Do they care? Not two shakes of a donkey’s tail – and speaking of donkeys – there are only one or two in the circus – these animals are far too intelligent and caring for Diyawanna circus work.

It is a matter for debate whether the leap frogs will donate some of their "HARD EARNED" (sic) money to alleviate the suffering of people outside the circus. Perhaps we will see this kind of donation when "Thy kingdom come".

May all beings be happy, especially those at the Diyawanna Circus who often repeat this stanza worshipfully.

Emeritus Professor
University of Colombo

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