Some posers to Manusha Nanayakkara



1. Why did he have to leave the country in a hurry no sooner he quit his newly acquired Ministerial portfolio?

2. What countries did he travel to? Did it include Singapore?

3. Who helped him to get his Visa approved so soon? Usually, we ordinary folk have to wait for weeks or months to get this clearance, and that too after a rigorous process.

4. What was the cost of the Visa?

5. By what airline did he travel? How was he able to get a seat in the plane so soon when we, ordinary folk, have to wait for weeks some times? Who helped him with this?

6. How much did the air ticket cost him? Who paid for it?

7. Who paid for his lodgings and other expenses abroad?

8. Did he have a foreign bank account before he left? Does he have one NOW?

Mr. Nanayakkara, being a public servant as an MP, I think we citizens are entitled to ask him these questions. Having been a CID Officer at one time, I find these questions irresistibly arising in my mind.


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