Yuthukama flays UNP, JVP for being puppets of West


By Harischandra Gunaratna

Convenor of Yuthukama organisation and political activist Gevindu Cumaratunga yesterday said the United National Front had not shown that it had a majority in Parliament to form a government.

He said certain elements were making untenable arguments to mislead the public and none of the parties to the dispute had a clear majority in Parliament.

Addressing the media at "Sambuddha Jayanthi" auditorium in Colombo 05, Cumaratunga said the claim that there was a conspiracy by the UPFA to remove Ranil Wickremesinghe was baseless and the fact was the UPFA had terminated its alliance with the UNF government after officially informing the latter of its decision, and therefore there was no need to revert to the pre-October 26 status in Parliament.

"The need of the hour was to go for an election as the UNF government had been rejected by the masses and the best example was the result of the February 10 local government elections where the unity government suffered a humiliating defeat."

Cumaratunga said the UNF-led government had run the country according to the dictates of foreign diplomats and there was so irrefutable evidence to prove that.

"During the post 2015 period, the masses rejected the unity government."

Cumaratunga flayed JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake for being a henchmen of the Western powers.

Yuthukama Convenor said that on February 21, Dissanayake had told journalists that the shelf life of the unity government had come to an end and today he was talking just the opposite of what he said then.

Cumaratunga said there was irrefutable evidence that the UNP leaders had masterminded the Central Bank bond scams.

He said President Sirisena’s decision to sack him as Prime Minister was justifiable.

Although the President of India was not elected by the people, still he exercised powers to dissolve Parliament if the need arose, Cumaratunga added.

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