Marketing elephant skins


It has been reported that elephant skin sale is increasing in Sri Lanka. A similar situation prevails in all countries where elephants are available in the wild. There is a rapid demand for elephant skins, teeth, penis, trunks, etc.

Some of the elephant products sold, and in demand, are tusks, bangles, (value $ 100) skins ($ 120 per Kg), teeth (value $ 150), beads (value $ 100). In addition, elephant products are sold for medical purposes.

Though the marketing of elephant skins in Sri Lanka has recently become news, it may have been going on in the past. Massacre of elephants to obtain their skins are going on - increasingly booming in Botswana, Myanmar, Zimbabwe etc. These skins and other elephant products are marketed internationally, the main buyer being China.

Elephant hides are widely used for shoes, boots and even for home interior decorations. Their skins are thick and has a deep distressed wrinkled texture. Their extra wide hides are known as ‘panels’. Each skin coat is about 20 feet long and very thick and is used for wide applications.

Good luck to the elephants of Sri Lanka.


Florida, USA.

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