Suspect in gold delivery cheating case made false statements to CID – Zuhair


The 1st suspect in the case Shanthy Kanagasingam is habitually misleading the CID and misdirecting the investigations by making false statements. For instance she told the CID on 1st October that nearly Rs 98 Million from the allegedly cheated money had been invested in her own Company T D Water House (Pvt) Ltd. But a Director of this Company Jeewaka Viswajith had told the CID that the 1st suspect had made no such investment in the Company. Jeewaka had also said that the Company formed by the 1st suspect in January this year had not done any business transaction whatever! T D Water House appeared to be a fraudulent shell company.

This was stated by President’s Counsel M.M. Zuhair making submissions on behalf of the aggrieved parties before Fort Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake Wednesday in the Rs 130 Million Gold delivery cheating case. The 1st suspect Shanthy Kanagasingam is the sole Director of T L Gold (Pvt) Ltd and the 2nd suspect Don Sujeewa Pradeep Kannangara is a Director of A B Securitas (Pvt) Ltd who had allegedly aided and abetted the 1st suspect by promising to deliver 25 Kg Gold to the aggrieved parties David Pradeepan Saundranayagam and Rajendram Joseph.

Counsel for the aggrieved parties submitted that the 1st suspect in her 1st October statement to the CID had claimed that she would bring to the CID on 8th October the full account details of how she dealt with the Rs 130 Million, the alleged cheated money, together with the BOI approval for T D Water House company’s gem and jewellery project but she never brought the accounts or the BOI approval. She did not even turn up at the CID either on that day or thereafter now for over two months. As to what the CID did about it, is not at all clear, he said.

Zuhair PC also pointed out that the 1st suspect in a statement made to the CID has said that she had purchased from the allegedly cheated money three BMW vehicles. All three vehicles should have been seized by the CID as stolen property on the suspect’s statement alone! In the background of the Court Order to seize any property purchased with the stolen money it is surprising why the three vehicles had not been seized and produced in Court. Proof of actual payments made to the party from whom she purchased the three vehicles within two weeks of receiving the allegedly cheated money and documents and bank deposits of the seller had so far not been taken into custody.

One of the aggrieved parties Mr Rajendram Jacob is a permanent resident of Sweden though he is a Sri Lankan citizen. This cheating by Shanthi Kanagasingam commenced in December last year. He is held up in Sri Lanka for the last one year because of this case. Even after one year the CID investigations had not made it clear as to what in fact happened to the Rs 130 Million in the hands of the 1st suspect.

The Magistrate ordered the Court Registrar to inform the OIC of the CID investigating this case to be personally present in Court on the next date to explain the steps taken on the Court orders made on 7th November 2018 with copy to the Director CID and case to be called on 9th January 2019.

M.M. Zuhair PC with Jayantha Dias Nanayakkara and Shiraz Noordeen appeared for the aggrieved parties. Jagath Abeynayake with Deemani Beddewela, Prabash Perera and Shenal Abeywardene appeared for the suspect Shanthy Kanagasingam.

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