Walkers Colombo Shipyard using 1200 ton shiplift and 60 ton boatlift


Walkers Colombo Shipyard which intends to support the National Export Strategy (NES) is now in full operation with six ships docked for repairs. One of the latest arrivals for repairs is a yacht owned by Marine Solutions of India.

This second shipyard which has been commissioned in the premises of the abandoned fishery harbour in Mutwal, Colombo 15 by Walkers Colombo Shipyard (Pvt) Limited is a fully equipped shipyard with advanced facilities to repair fishing boats and other supply vessels.

WCS intends to build trust among the customers providing high value & good quality service at reasonable competitive rates by enabling the opport-unity to experience sophisticated vessel lifting operation first seen in South Asian region.

Key feature of WCS’s operations is the state of the art ship lift with a total length of 52 meters, width 14.5 m and draught of 5.3 m capable of accommodating vessels with maximum length 65m and weight of 1250 tons.

Dr Sarath Obeysekera, a pioneer ship builder and a shipyard manager, who was the CEO is heading development of the new shipyard.

He said that at present the company is manufacturing 300 ton landing craft for the Maldives in addition to the landing craft which can carry 100 tons. With the NES in the backdrop, shipyard possesses all the facilities, including the technology, and will take a leading role in developing the industry.

Dr Obeysekera said that the government is not giving much support for this industry to grow though it has enormous potential to attract foreign orders into the country.

Walkers Colombo Shipyard has just commissioned a hydraulic ship-lift, can be used for maintenance docking, the same way Colombo Dockyard can do with their graving docks.

"This is a multi-billion dollar business but needs to get duty free facilities and a simplified regulatory framework to boost the boat/ship building industry as a life style development or leisure sector industry, he explained. Recent rule imposed by DMS under SCV code, stipulates that all small vessels should be built to Class Rules with additional safety requirements which can be provided by Sri Lankan companies during construction.

Shiplift is built under Lloyds’ Rules and the new boats are manufactured under Lloyds and Indian Register of Shipping.

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