Honour to Sarojini


We readers have been carefully observing the failed attempt of the Finance Minister’s recent manipulations, with the blessings of the Cabinet, to remove Sarojini Charles from the post of D G Customs. She stood up on behalf of thousands and thousands of Sri Lankan Pepper farmers, and other thousands who earn their daily meal thanks to the Arecanuts business in Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Southern, and Central Provinces.

She was fighting a cold war in the Customs Department. She stood against errant dealers who import luxury vehicles as parts and assembled, with blessings of powerful politicians. We as citizens admire her tolerance and are grateful to her and the Customs trade unions for their true dedication and commitment to safeguard national interests. Politicians, traitors disguised as saviours engaged in international business, are well aware of trade agreement loopholes. So-called imports of pepper and arecanuts from Vietnam and Malaysia for value addition, is a farce. In order to exploit the tax concession of 5 percent available according to the bilateral trade agreement between India and Sri Lanka, pepper and arecanuts are first imported to Sri Lanka and then sent to India as a Sri Lankan product, and gain an additional tax benefit of 25 percent.

The damage caused to Sri Lankan Agricultural export products is immense and immeasurable. Value addition to Sri Lankan Agri products such as tea, cinnamon, cocoa, pepper compared to same products of other origins is some unique feature inherent and endemic to Sri Lanka, thanks to its weather climate and soil chemistry. We have ignorantly or willfully allowed international racketeers to exploit our agri products, to enrich their inferior products as marketable. Those who live abroad only know the low quality of same products I have highlighted in this column on 21st December 2017, the pathetic plight of our tea market, where we are adding value to products of other origins.

Amidst opportunistic politicians, their catchers and traitor business wolves disguised as lambs, we, citizens of this land appreciate and admire Ms. Charles's outstanding capacity to withstand evil unlawful forces.

Like a silver glimmer in a dark cloud, we are yet hopeful, we still have a few Public Servants to name,, Ms. Deepa Senviratne of Central Bank, Mr. Dappula de Livera and Mr. Yasantha Kodagoda counsel of the Attorney-General's Dept., and Mr Gamini Wijesinghe the Auditor General, who fearlessly came forward to do theirservice to the nation, in the infamous Bond Scam Inquiry proceedings.


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