UNF says it wants National Govt. to counter President Sirisena’s ‘sabotage’ agenda

‘Early Presidential Election before Provincial Polls will resolve problems’

by Zacki Jabbar

The need to form another National Government has arisen, due to President Maithripala Sirisena’s continuing efforts to sabotage the efficient functioning of the Ranil Wickremesinghe administration, senior UNP-led United National Front sources said yesterday.

They  said that ever since President Sirisena had fallen out with Premier Wickremesinghe over personal differences, all his actions had been aimed at preventing the Wickremesinghe  Government from fulfilling the very pledges that Sirisena had given the people as the Joint Oppositions common candidate at the January 2015 presidential election.

He reiterated this at the subsequent parliamentary polls.

Referring to President Sirisena’s February 4 Independence Day speech as a " disgrace," the sources observed that for the first time a leader of this country  had politicized  an event celebrating freedom from colonialism.

Instead the president, in the presence of foreign dignitaries including the Maldivian President Ibrahim Solih, exhibited his narrow minded political agenda, to insult his political opponents on a day that the people, regardless of political affiliations, should have been happy..

In such a situation the requirement was an early presidential election and not provincial polls, the sources said pointing out that provincial elections would not resolve the crisis the country was faced with.

"Even if we win,  it  would  serve no purpose, since  President  Sirisena through  his  stooges appointed as Governors would not allow the provincial administrations  to function  smoothly." 

Describing the president’s recent speeches as "gallery talk", he said that the president "has still not given up his game. He is trying to scuttle the government. There are MP’s willing to work with us. We expect opposition MPs to join us."

They could not proceed with the National Government resolution in parliament on Friday as the party leaders opposed standing order from being suspended.

He stressed that "we have to strengthen government". During the 51-days stand-off the rupee weakened, foreign countries did not give loans. The destruction in the 51 days is equal to the damage caused by the earlier Rajapaksa government.

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