Transplant operations continuing - Health Ministry

The Health Ministry, yesterday, announced that the reports that heart and kidney transplants had been suspended owing to a shortage of drugs were false.

The Ministry said, in a media statement, that two kidneys and a liver, obtained from a brain-dead person, had been brought, from the Ratnapura Teaching hospital, and transplanted in two patients at National Hospital, Colombo and Kandy Teaching Hospital, with the approval from the Ministry, on Friday.

The media release quoted Director of Kandy Teaching Hospital Dr Saman Ratnayake as having said that there was no shortage of surgical drugs in the hospital and transplant operations had not been put on hold.

Dr Ratnayake said that during the change of government for 52 days there had been a shortage of two types of drugs used for the transplant surgeries.

However, shortages had been replenished and now the transplant operations were back on track.

"Those who were silent while there was a shortage of drugs and surgeries were suspended are now levelling unfounded allegations," Dr Ratnayake has been quoted as saying.

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