‘Love is in the air’


Every year, during the month of February, the build up is there for February 14th – Valentine’s Day.

Wherever Valentine’s Day is celebrated, John Paul Young’s mega hit, ‘Love Is In the Air,’ is heard morning, noon and night.

I guess here, too, February 14th will be extra special for many people, with some even saying ‘Love is in the air, everywhere I look around / Love is in the air, every sight and every sound / And I don't know if I'm being foolish / Don't know if I'm being wise / But it's something that I must believe in / And it's there when I look in your eyes…’

Yes, it’s time to feel the magic of love in the air. It’s your chance to fall in love all over again or, maybe, a chance for you to find your love.

Either way, I’m sure you will fall in love, on February 14th, at the most beautiful rooftop, overlooking the serene Beire Lake.

You can walk in FREE, straight after work, with your partner, and unwind to the romantic atmosphere – at the Berlin Sky Lounge – with music from the ‘80s, ‘90s and the ‘20s, provided by Minol Dee and guest DJs, and special offers on food and beverages.

You could check out the following link for more details:

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