Congrats to Charles - DG Customs


The Customs Chief deserves our sincere congratulations, all honour and glory from every Sri Lankan and all public servants past and present, for her noble deed in resisting political interference. As the Island had mentioned in one of its Editorials, it is unusual for departmental Trade Unions to strike or stage go-slows on behalf of a head of the department.

As a former public servant belonging to the same service that she belongs, I must state many are the times and instances those in the Administrative Service have to face awkward situations of interference from the political masters, and even from their political appointees like Coordinating Secretaries, Press secretaries et al.

One further point I wish to state here is that in my career in the public service and in the public corporate sector, I have found that our colleagues from the North always did an honest job and were "worthy of their hire". They were an example to the others.



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