TPA responds to TNA: No final decision on executive presidency

by Jehan Haniff

Responding to "The Island" front page story yesterday headlined "Sharp split in ‘coalition against executive presidency", Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) Vice President Arunachalam Aravindkumar said yesterday morning that the Central Committee of the alliance had yet not decided whether to support the abolishment of the Executive Presidency or not.

Our report quoted Jafna District MP M. A. Sumanthiran as saying that the SLMC, ACMC and DPF had reneged on their promises to back the ongoing efforts to abolish the Executive Presidency.

The TPA was formed in 2015 by the Democratic People’s

Front (DPF), National Union of Workers (NUW) and the Up-Country People’s Front (UCPF) to represent the 1.5 million Tamils, living outside the Northern and Eastern provinces.

"I state with confidence that the TPA has yet not decided, to support or not to support the abolition of the executive presidency; it is an important decision which all three parties have to take collectively," 64-year-old Aravindkumar said.

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