World and Sri Lanka Milk Productions


All countries in the world produce milk from cows, buffalos and goats. In 2017 the world has produced 674,485,000 tons of milk. When milk production from a group of countries is concerned, the highest amount produced came from Europe, producing 163,217,000 tons of milk (22%) in 2017. The second highest producing countries come from Asia that produced 143,932,000 tons of milk, which is about 21 % of the total production. The single country that has produced the highest amount of milk is United States of America, producing 105,836,000 tons of milk in 2017 which is 15 % of the word’s production.

In 2017 Sri Lanka has produced 27.3 million liters of cow milk, which is 9.461 tons of milk. When the buffalo milk production is included which has been 5.7 million liters, the total milk production has been 33.02 million liters, which is about 33,000 metric tons. Thus Sri Lanka produces only 0.0003% of the total milk production in the world. The total amount of annual milk production has increased from 16.87 million liters in 2007 to 33.02 million liters after 10 years in 2017. This increase is has been only 3.5 million liters which is only 0.15%.

When it comes to world milk consumption (in K cal per-capita per day) in 2015 has been 2940, compared to 2700 in South Asia and 3060 in East Asia. In Sri Lanka the per capita availability of milk in 2005 has been 162,790 tons of milk which gives a per capita consumption of only 5.37 kg per year.

Dr A S Abeyratne

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