The disappearing act…Down Under!


It happens quite often – visitors to developed countries ‘disappearing,’ after entering the legal way.

Athletes, from the African region, are famous for this ‘disappearing’ game.

We, too, have had some of our musicians ‘disappear’ when going abroad, the legal way, to perform.

Decades ago, some members of a known outfit (now on more), decamped in Canada, and a few others did the vanishing trick in Italy.

Many are hoping that this scene has not shifted Down Under, as well.

A group of musicians were invited by a reputed Sri Lankan organization, in Melbourne, for a prestigious function.

When it was all over, they had to return, as a group, but one member wasn’t present at the time of departure.

They say he had left his accommodation, the previous evening, indicating that he was going to meet a friend, and nothing has been heard from him since then.

Those concerned are only hoping he will return home, before the expiry of his visa.

Any unjustified delay could make the going tougher for other Sri Lankan artistes to legitimately enter Australia.

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