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Why, Oh Why?


The carnage on Easter Sunday caused death to more than 300 and injuries to around 500. Minister Rajitha Senaratne, yesterday, said that international and state intelligence agencies had warned the government, of an impending attack in the country. Why was no action taken on this warning?

According to press reports the Chief of National Intelligence had warned the Inspector General of Police (IGP) of the attacks. Why did not IGP take appropriate action?

Minister Hashim said the Prime Minister and the State Minister of Defence had not been invited to National Security Council (NDC) meetings since December last year. Why?

No Acting Defense Minister had been appointed during the President's absence. Why?

Secretary to the Ministry of Defense, after visiting the St Anthony's Church,

Kochchikade has told he had received information of a terrorist attack but, didn't expect attacks of such magnitude. He has also said "We can only collect information. We had alerted the relevant agencies who had the power to take action". Why the Secretary did not take follow up action to find out what action has been taken by the relevant agencies? Why?

Secretary to the Ministry of Defense was of the opinion that the government need not provide security to hotels. They have to hire their own security personnel. Why was such an irresponsible person appointed Secretary, Ministry of Defence?

Minister Harin Fernando (HF) has told the media, that his father, receiving treatment in a hospital, had been aware of security threats and warned him to be careful. Why did HF not make the Prime Minister aware of this warning regarding possible attacks?

Minister Kabir Hashim revealed that he had brought to President Maithripala

Sirisena's notice the existence of an extremist group and the President had promised prompt action. Was action taken by the President? If not, why?

Following some incidents in the Mawanella area, Intelligence had unearthed a cache of explosives at Lacktowatta in Wanathawilluwa, Puttalam. During the raid two key suspects were captured. However, due to the intervention of a powerful politician, they had been released. Why were they released?



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