Mother’s Day celebrations amid disaster

* Nara of Colombo 6 writes…

* From Our Readers


I write to endorse the views expressed by reader Yvonne Ratnasinghe, which appeared in The Island of May 14th, titled ‘SL’s Mother’s Day – for whose benefit!’

Several mothers were killed on Easter Sunday, April 21st, several injured, children have lost their mothers, and here we are celebrating Mother’s Day a few weeks after that terrible disaster.

Don’t such people have a heart! Can they be immune to the sufferings of a nation!

Yvonne Ratnasinghe is quite right in saying that Mother’s Day is so commercialized and that the people, heard on radio, showering their mother’s with unbelievable praise, were doing it for the prizes being offered.

She is also absolutely correct in saying that most of what was said, by those participating listeners, were scripted beautifully – with the prizes in mind.

Those Mother’s Day prizes, offered on radio, should have been made available to those kids who lost their mothers on Easter Sunday.

What about those mothers who are still hospitalized! They, too, could have been given some of those prizes.

I can’t believe how some people can celebrate while hundreds are suffering…and the country in disorder.

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