Height of Hypocrisy


Over the Vesak weekend, Mohideen Baig's Buddhist songs were repeatedlyplayed on radio and as background music to various Buddhist programmes on TV. His son also appeared on live TV, along with a few other Muslim musicians,singing Buddhist songs. I am not sure what the intention was. Was it toshow that Buddhists were tolerant of Muslims, despite a few of the latterbeing terrorists?

This tolerance, however, did not extend to Muslims across the country. Ilive within 5 km of two Muslim settlements. One is a small town, Kottaramulla, where a Muslim was killed by Sinhala mobs. The other is avillage, Thummodara. At both locations, mosques were trashed and desecrated, houses smashed and burned, even furniture and clothes set onfire. The police and the army watched, and were seen guarding the burned out buildings after the mayhem.

The correct reaction was not to play Mohideen Baig's songs but to visit the Muslim victims with food and other forms of support. What I heard and sawon radio and TV was the height of hypocrisy.

George Braine

Boralessa, Lunuwila


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