Have a good holiday boys!


So the cricket team is on a summer holiday? Highly paid in the best hotels (rooms not big enough for entertaining the local ladies as per recent complaints) and making the occasional appearance on a cricket field, that too conveniently interrupted by rain!

Boys, it doesn’t get better than this…specially as some of you don’t deserve to be in the national side. Abysmal performances’ aside, comparing your ability with past players, and even some (like Dickwella) who have been sidelined for mysterious reasons, you have achieved the equivalent of winning a lottery!

Ashantha De Mel, who continues his run of unbelievable success in hanging onto a job that he obviously is a total failure at, is also with you, no doubt at cricket board expense and apparently not at the comfort level he is accustomed to? This must be comfort level accustomed to in recent times, maybe after acquiring the fortune of an heiress! The original Peterson Lane accommodation was surely comparable to an average London Hotel?

Why is this allowed to continue? Was the sports minister too busy protecting his posterior during Easter Sunday to make any changes, or is he just another simple-minded fool doing a job that he has no idea about? Maybe he has been promised a first-class ticket to London and seats at the Members’ pavilion in Lords when we don’t make the final.

When this bunch of losers (we don’t mind losing with honour but then again HONOUR is Sri Lanka today ?!) returns, they should be asked to return all the money they have been paid and that money donated for the development of cricket in a country like Papua New Guinea, who would have given a better showing at the World Cup.

I guess we have bigger things to worry about in Sri Lanka today. With an infantile President affected by the Peter Principle, battling an incompetent Prime Minister, watched by 200 odd apes in the disguise of ‘parliamentarians’, and a largely ineffectual populace crying for a miracle.

However, it is still hard to watch the only sport at which we achieved world class in, dragged down to a level that even in our amateur days we had better standards and better players, due to incompetence and corruption.

Enjoy your holiday boys and may I suggest an injury or two to key players who continue to fail? That way they don’t even need to bother to get on the field in between showers!


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