Rocking scene with Merlina and Mission


Merlina and her band, Mission, had a great opening night at their new venue – the Fortune Karama Hotel, in Dubai.

They do the hotel’s Tantra nightclub scene six nights a week and, according to reports coming our way, the management seems very happy with the setup.

Opening night, for Merlina and Mission, was Tuesday, June 4th (2019). The club was packed and Merlina says they rocked the place.

"I sing a lot of rock songs, at this nightclub, and I’m the main vocalist, and I enjoy what I’m doing at the moment."

Merlina went on to say that their music is very much appreciated.

"I have lots of contacts since I’ve performed in Dubai, many years ago, and they are all happy to see me again and, of course, they are also coming to the nightclub to see us perform."

Merlina first performed in Dubai with the band Dream Team.

"Believe me, this is one of the best decisions I’ve made so far, to accept this contract to perform in Dubai, especially with the current situation in Sri Lanka.

Her recent stint, in Colombo, was with her husband, Suresh, where they operated as a duo – Mersh.

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