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Lane Discipline


The proposal to enforce lane discipline will only end up as yet another source of revenue to the government, while indiscipline on our roads will remain the same.

In Singapore drivers are trained on practice of lane discipline before they are allowed to use main roads. The Highway Code itself explains all about lane discipline. This is not the case here.

At the time I received training in Singapore in year 1988, there was a Training Centre called SSDC (Singapore Safe Driving Centre) run by the Honda Company of Japan and the Private Sector of Singapore. It was situated on a 40 acre block of land where all road signs and markings etc were displayed. It involved both theory and practical training, and only after successful completion of the training that a driver is allowed to use main roads.

On my return, arrangements were made to hold an exhibition using a physical model that explained lane discipline that a driver should know, and all that a driver will expect to see on roads. Two such exhibitions were held at the OPA in 2000 and 2003. How these efforts were sabotaged is now history.

Basically most of our roads are not designed to accommodate the rules of lane discipline, for which the minimum number of lanes should be three per carriageway (six lanes in all), If not, jumping from one lane to another is unable to prevent.

Finally, it must be said that enforcement of lane disciple is a subject to be left to "Traffic Engineers", and only law enforcement comes under the Police.

Sri Lanka has a long way to go before thinking of enforcing lane laws, without harassing the ignorant and untrained drivers with unbearable fines.


Chartered Civil engineer


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