Glorious … uncertain


DEFINITELY the glorious uncertainties of cricket the scribes will say and one tends to agree! Cricket, after all, at the end of the day, is played in the minds of the players. The best efforts of the bookies cannot challenge this.

What a boost for the entire country. Reeling under the after effects of terrorism yet again and enmeshed in a nasty childish political quagmire. Many thanks to the BOYS and much kudos.

Analysing the game should be left to the experts but maybe the off spinner coming on a little earlier when two left handers were batting on a turning track and a few less overs from the largely innocuous Thisara Perera may have made it a bit less stressful for us spectators!

I have read elsewhere that the coach is complaining of not having total control. I say the same that we all say to those at the second level, PM included, If you are not able to do your job, challenge your superiors, ask for what you want and if you don’t get it RESIGN. After all it is your reputation that is on the line and your ability that will be questioned. Forget about the perks and privileges and the remuneration.

In the greater scheme of things this match may have no real effect on the outcome of the World Cup and the pundits may say that Mathews and Mendis were "due" as they are too good to fail for so long. One undeniable is that the fielding has improved drastically. Kudos to those who made the decision to hire Rixon.

Be all that as it may, our cricketers have opened up a glimmer of hope in our desperate minds, hope the rest of the holiday goes even better boys!

R. A. Ratwatte


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