Of Rajapaksa haters


"Rajapaksa haters" I found the words "Rajapakse haters" in the article by Dr Upul Wijayawardhana on the 21st.

Rajapaksas came to the limelight especially because of young Mahinda Rajapaksa, who has been a popular and down to earth politician loved by people .People very much wanted to see him as the president of the country, and he was even given a second term defeating another popular man – General Sarath Fonseka. Only then the problems started. He began his term by imprisoning his rival. His brothers, sons, cousins, in-laws and cohort started all sorts of malpractices and even became a danger to lives of their opponents. Mahinda Rajapaksa willingly or unwillingly just looked on while even his wife’s name was mentioned as connected with some of those crimes. People were looking forward to getting rid of the regime although they always had a liking to the man. Still Mahinda Rajapaksa is respected by people he is still ‘our man" and if people hate other Rajapaksas it is excusable. So "Rajapakse haters" should not be used in general. But now Mahinda is not in a position to  break away from this unholy group who ultimately took him away also from the political party which was the bastion of older generations of Rajapaksas. And this group must also understand that without Mahinda they would never bloom.

K Siriweera

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