Why this "kolavery kolavery di"?


The preoccupation that the Sri Lankans have with the Muslim ladies’ attire brings to my mind that famous Tamil song - Why this kolavery kolavery di? - Why this murderous rage? – Sorry for the pun, but there it is.

From a Sri Lankan to all other Sri Lankans – just think about it a little logically. Out of the 20 million people in Sri Lanka roughly 10% is Muslims – that is about two million. Out of them about 50% are females – roughly 1 million. Out of them only about 50% are grown up women – that is about 500,000. Out of them let’s say about 25% do not wear Islamic dress. That will reduce the number who wears Hijab and abaya to 375,000 women. That is a mere 1.8% distributed throughout the country!

So why is this bother about 2% women’s dress to 20 million people? If you actually count the women you see with this dress – actually count, not just assume wherever you see they are there, you’ll realize there are not that many. Can you see how trivial the issue is? There are arguments and counter arguments about should they or shouldn’t they wear the hijabs and abayas, why they adopted it and what colour it should be….etc. etc. How much of man hours wasted, how many harsh words expressed, how many hearts pained and hurt over this minor issue?

If it is only the uneducated and illiterate who get brainwashed I can understand. I was flabbergasted when I saw the video of a well educated, international school teacher going nuts over seeing a woman wearing a face cover. Going crazy over the safety of the country! Show me one single case in the whole world where a face covered woman set a bomb off. Never!

The suicide bombers in the first place do not understand Islam at all. They think they are doing something brave and they want the whole world to know who did it! They will not even wear Islamic clothing! On the other hand this same lady – or even for that matter, any non- Muslim, did not show the same emotion, or anything even remotely close to it, when the mob went attacking innocent unrelated villagers with knives and sticks, and set fire to hundreds of houses and shops.

The intelligent people of Sri Lanka must stop and think why the face cover was banned when the Easter Sunday bombs went off. Of course we all know none of the people who set the bombs off came with a face cover. So, why the banning? Obviously, as pointed out by Ven. Galkanda Dhammananda Thero, the culprits, the politicians wanted to turn the focus on something unrelated! And we all Sri Lankans fell for it, hook, line and sinker, as usual. Whoever who thinks of these clever tactics in the higher echelons is a calculating shrewd, strategist indeed.

If thousands of Sinhalese women, in cities and villages can turn to blue (single colour) denim, if Sinhalese men can turn to sarongs all of a sudden, if Sri Lankan women can turn to off shoulder dresses and slits up to thighs, why not abayas and hijabs? Dress is the human right of every woman, and men too. Who is to tell whom to wear what? Come on, please don’t bring that crap about being a Buddhist country, there’s nothing Buddhist about politician owned taverns, casinos, brothels, meat/ pork eating fish eating people – How I wish this country is a real Buddhist country!

People, think and act. Don’t get into the herd mentality – it is for cattle, not for humans. Certainly not for Sri Lankan people, who are intelligent, educated and wonderful human beings. Much better than any other country in the world!


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