Keeping Sri Lankans entertained... abroad


While the local scene is brightening up and music lovers now have the opportunity of checking out some of their favourite nightspots, in the city of Colombo, quite a few of our top performers find work coming their way – overseas, as well.

A band that is very much in the news, these days, is Rock This Country.

The lineup looks very impressive and they will be on their way, to Australia, next month, for a Country Night performance.

This particular dinner dance, presented by St. John’s Past Pupils’ Association Inc., will be held on Saturday, August 24th, at the Gaelic Park Hall, in Melbourne, from 6.30 pm to 1.00 am.

The dress code for this event is either smart casual or country style.

Also in attendance will be a Sri Lankan band, based in Melbourne – No Limit.

On Saturday, October 5th, Annesley Malawana and his band Super Chimes will be in Melbourne for a Sing-Along and Dance to be held at the Springvale Town Hall.

Yes, Sri Lankans, in Melbourne, seem to be having a whole lot of entertainment coming their way: 21 days later, on October 26th, Indra Raj (of Jetliners fame) and Move It (a band from Switzerland), will be at the Springvale Town Hall, for a Dinner Dance.

It will be a dance with a difference as some of the highlights will include perform-

ances by Loretta Koch (of Jetliners fame), Pete Roth (the voice of Elvis – from Switzerland), and Dave Roberts (the voice of Cliff Richard, Paul Anka and Ricky Nelson).

The supporting band will be No Limit.

Another big event that took place recently, in Melbourne (on Saturday, June 29th) was the tribute concert to Sandra Jackson.

The Tribute Night concert featured the cream of Sri Lankan talent and included Dalreen Suby, Noeline Honter, Melantha Perera, Donald Pieries, Benjamin Ranabahu and Marlon Amarasekera.

And, in Canada, Judy de Silva and her mum Kanthie will be featured at a dance, to be held on Saturday, September 14th, in Ontario.

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