Champika reveals real kingmaker capable  of deciding who next President will be


Megapolis and Western Province Development Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka says that the king maker at the next presidential election will not be any single party but the floating vote comprising around five million electors.

Addressing a convention of the Jathika Maga held in Hall de Galle on Saturday, the Minister said: "Neither the UNP nor the SLPP nor the JVP nor the JHU nor any other party will be the determining factor at the next presidential polls. The biggest single entity would be the floating vote comprising electors belonging to none of those parties. There are 16 million voters and the biggest single portion would be five million voters  without affiliations to any aforementioned parties. The most striking feature of this single block is that they are educated and disillusioned with political parties. It is this vote which is going to decide who the next President will be.

"Therefore, before naming a common Presidential candidate, any broad political alliance should announce how it would implement its political, economic and social programme. They would only vote for the candidate who could outline the most feasible and practical programme to steer the country out of its present plight."

Ranawaka said that once that was done a common candidate would surface and the future President would be decided not by a political party, but five million people who were not aligned to any party.

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