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Way back, in 1965, a new chapter in Sri Lankan music came into being. It was called Sinhala Pop and the creator of this new music was the legendary Clarence Wijewardana.

The late Clarence revolutionised Sinhala music, with meaningful lyrics and soulful and catchy tunes which, today, is still very much a part of the Sri Lankan music scene.

The group, Moonstones, formed by Clarence, helped popularise this music and, before long, several others were trying to capitalise on this new trend.

However, it was Clarence Wijewardana and the Moonstones who people still remember for the then new trend in Sinhala music – Sinhala Pop.

And, they became household names. Yes, no one would ever forget Clarence Wijewardana and the Moonstones…and, of course, their music.

The Moonstones are no more, as a group, but quite a few of the members are still around – some in Sri Lankan and some living abroad.

On Sunday, July 28th, 2019, memories of the fabulous Moonstones will be recreated, on stage, at the BMICH, with some of the members, who were very much a part of this wonderful outfit, doing the needful.

The concert, I’m told, will feature Annesley Malawana, Indrani Perera, Sunil Malawana, Chanaka Perera, Laurensz Manricks, Dammike Wijesiri, Feroz Azmon, Upali Ubayasekera, Stanmore de Jonk, Sohan Weerasinghe and Lalith Fernando, and will focus on a complete repertoire of songs, made popular by Clarence, Annesley and Indrani, as Moonstones.

Believe me, I was not aware that Sohan Weerasinghe (of X-Periments fame) stepped into the showbiz scene, as a member of the Moonstones!

Three gigs later, Gabo & The Breakaways grabbed him…and today it’s Sohan & The X-Periments!

‘Memories of the Fabulous Moonstones’ will also have some interesting revelations about the formation of the Moonstones and developments thereafter.

The show, which also coincides with Clarence`s 76th birthday (on August 3rd), will be hosted by Vijaya Corea, with music by the Super Chimes.

Popular singer Chitral Somapala will do a spot, performing some of the popular songs of his parents, which were rearranged by Clarence Wijewardana.

Presented by DK Promotions, tickets are on sale at DK Promotions Music Store, 3rd floor, Majestic City, and online -

For more details, give a buzz to Damayantha, on 777 744950.

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