Music lovers hoodwinked by the CHEATING game!


The world over, there is always talk about singers CHEATING their fans, either by lip-syncing, singing to tracks (containing extra vocals, etc) and also by using modern gadgetry to enhance their vocals.

Gareth Edmund Malone, an English choirmaster and broadcaster, has some interesting observations on this controversial subject – the CHEATING game…

The use of auto-tune, in ‘plastic’ modern pop music, is cheating, Gareth Malone has claimed.

He says songs from two or three decades ago were often badly out of tune but it did not matter "if the feel’s there and you like the song."

Much of today’s pop, however, was electronically produced and so ended up with a "fantastically zingy sound," he argued.

"It absolutely is cheating," he said of the auto-tune technology that alters pitch and allows otherwise off-key vocal tracks to sound perfectly tuned.

"I think all that production takes away from the natural beauty of the voice or the sonorous quality of an instrument."

Before Auto-Tune, in-tune singing was an ability that had to be earned through extensive practice. However, singing through Auto-Tune is comparatively effortless.

Lip-syncing is quite a big scene in our part of the world, as well, and music lovers are hoodwinked into believing that certain local big names are singing live, on stage.

They are NOT – they are only playing the cheating game.

November 19th, 1990, saw the culminating moment of one of the most shameful not-actually-singing debacles in pop music history: it was the day Milli Vanilli was stripped of their Grammy.

During a live MTV performance, the backing track for "Girl You Know It's True," one of the group's hit songs, skipped, repeating the phrase "girl you know it's true" over and over and over again. Yes, the duo, on stage, weren't really singing!

Maybe the audience shouldn’t be surprised anymore. Maybe we should be satisfied with canned recordings, faked live.

Yet, there’s a reason we go to see a live singer: We don’t know the outcome. It’s more exciting. Anything can happen!

Music lovers make it to a concert to experience live singing from their favourite performers, seen on stage. Or else they could opt for playing a DVD of the singer/s concerned at home.

Why spend big money to go to a concert…to be cheated!

Another cause for concern is the use of backing tracks, by some of our local western artistes, at stage shows.

Such performances turn out to be listless - with no backing band, seen on stage. The emptiness is there.

And, it becomes obvious to the audience that what is emanating, from the stage, is superficial.

Another case of CHEATING the public.

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