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JVP changed?


When compared with the SLPP and its presidential candidate, the JVP and its candidate are thousand times better. But with our experience,especially after 1978, we see that there is something terribly wrong with the present system where we have thousands of politicians in different colourscoming together to fulfil their selfish needs completely ignoring the country and its vast majority of the people are left desolated.

JVP too is not ready to change this system and it would beonly a dream if they can make this country overflow with Kiri and Peni. At the beginningthey were opposing the establishment of provincial councils. Now they are with it and they know that without the support of thousands of their members who are eagerly waiting to enter parliament, provincial councils and other local government bodies, it would not be possible to paste posters covering the whole island in one night or filling the Galle Face Green or Havelock Road grounds for their meetings. Like all other parties they also have to fulfill the wishes of their party member before they do anything for others.

JVP says its "Jathika Jana Balawegaya" has 28 associations in it. It’s a wonder how or why these associations get together to promote a candidate swho is going to carry on the system that failed itself and the country.

Pardon me for criticizing the JVP excluding the UNP, SLFP and SLPP and their associates; it is because they are incorrigible.

Deshapriya Rajapaksha

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