Ban export of slave labour to West Asia


On 16th August (page 2) The Island reported - "Fifteen exploited Housemaids brought back from Saudi Arabia" - a familiar tale.

At least, in this case, the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau, has (supposedly) recovered their wages, (stolen by the Saudi employers), amounting to over Rs 19 million.

It is indeed strange that our country finds it necessary to export female slaves to the outwardly modern and actually backward nation of Saudi Arabia. In Saudi, it is government policy to keep the populace as ignorant, and as semi-literate, and as lazy as possible - to this end, the small populace are given grand handouts, encouraged to neither work nor think, and live a Feudal existence with servile loyalty to the So- called Crown Price. (A semi Western educated individual, widely suspected of involvement in murdering his journalist critic Jamal Khashoggi, in scandalous circumstances).

The British, and their Press ‘Rulers of the Waves’, as they like to call themselves, once again "waived the rules", allowing the matter to fall into abeyance and continuing close economic ties (under Tony Blair), while softly whispering about Human Rights. The memory of Idi Amin who offended the Brits, but was arguably much less of a tyrant than Mohamed Bin Salman, (the Saudi Crown prince), is harangued to this day by the British.

But the point is that our womenfolk are being sent ‘into the jaws of death’, as it were, without controls; and the government is quite content to leave things as they are!

Recognizing that Saudi is a dangerous and unsafe place for women, Thailand and the Philippines (in spite of being somewhat corrupt administrations themselves!); have banned the employment of maids in Saudi.

If a Western housemaid had been thus molested and exploited as ours, imagine the scandal that would follow! How come it never happens?

It is these helpless women who bring in the "much needed" Foreign Exchange, which props up our successive useless governments, which they then in turn squander and loot. Foreign Exchange will forever be "much needed" in Sri Lanka, because its drains of Corruption are wide and deep!


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